David Matta

David Matta

Ambassador and Strategic advisor

David Matta is a ‘Sloan Fellow’ at London Business School with a Masters degree in Leadership and Strategy. He holds an MBA from AUB in addition to a BE in Mechanical Engineering. He is also an Oxford University Alumni with an advanced degree in Scenario Programming, Strategy and Organization from Stanford, and System Dynamics from Worcester Polytech. David has extensive experience in the Middle East and Europe that ranges across different countries and functions. He held senior positions with regional companies and their dealer networks, such as Boehringer Mannheim in pharmaceuticals Lebanon, Eastman Kodak medical division KSA, General Motors and VW Group KSA. He was the General Manager of Porsche in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for many years, and the CEO of an auto dealer Dealer in KSAHe currently assists various Social Enterprises and NGOs in Lebanon on capacity building, performance, and  sustainability initiatives.  

Ramy Boujawdeh is the Deputy GM of Berytech’s Incubation and Entrepreneurship Business Development arm that supports Innovative Lebanese Startups and SMEs, providing Business Support, Mentorship, Coaching, Hosting, Networking and Internationalization and part of Innovation and Entrepreneurship regional programs. Between 2000 & 2014, Ramy amassed a diversified knowledge in the fields of change management, quality management, operations, as he filled roles in General and Regional Management in Operations, Quality and Change Management in different industries across 3 continents. With strong business mindset and firm commitment to achieve excellent, Ramy learned that connecting people to the resources needed can make a difference in accelerating their growth. He is keen on mobilizing his knowledge and connections to the best interest of the people he supports. He advises startups in Lebanon and is an Angel Investor with SEEDERS. Since his return to Lebanon Ramy has been active supporting social causes such as education, agriculture, environment, gender equity and economic development in rural areas. He sits on the Board of Rural Entrepreneurs and is a member of the council of representatives at the order of Engineers and Architects. Ramy holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from AUB, and a Master’s degree in Business Management and Economics.

Nader Nakib, Certified CSR Practitioner, has translated his deep commitment in fighting climate change by incorporating G, the first green building consulting NGO in Lebanon. He currently serves on the boards of Business Week Market Advisory, Economist Global Executive Forum, Boston University Alumni, Social Stability and Livelihoods Working Group (UNDP) and is member of the US Green Building Council, the Worldwide AUB Alumni Council, International Humanitarian City (Dubai), and the Arab Forum of Environment and Development.

Ralph Aoun is the Managing Partner at COM FU Communication Agency, a Digital Communication Trainer and an LBCI TV Segment Host. Ralph also acts as a consultant for the Communication Team of the Lebanese Presidency, for Ogero Telecoms and for the former Minister of Telecoms Nicolas Sehnaoui. Prior to founding COM FU, he worked as a Project Manager with Cisco at the heart of the Silicon Valley where he also underwent trainings in Project Management, Social Media and Story Telling. Ralph Aoun holds a B.E. with Honors in Computer and Communication Engineering.


Since receiving her B.A. in Business Administration from the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Dina Harake has experienced living in a multitude of different countries. Her exposure to diverse cultures and traditions has enabled her to grasp a better understanding of the essentials necessary to the growth of a strong and prosperous society. Dina has also had extensive industry experience in human resource management, business development and entrepreneurship as well as community activism. She is the founder and Co-Owner of Well B, a restaurant dedicated to catering food and beverage specialties with an emphasis on wellness and nutritional balance. Mrs. Harake is also involved in noteworthy organisations as she currently serves on the Board of Trustees at the Beirut Marathon Association. She also figures as a prominent member of the Blessing and Tamanna Foundations. Her goals in joining an initiative such as GCNL is to contribute in balancing the needs of vulnerable demographics and to work with governments and organisations to deliver sustainable programs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Ariane Elmas Saikali is a senior development specialist with more than 14 years of experience in managing UNDP projects in several ministries and public institutions including the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy and Trade . She has initiated and implemented numerous successful initiatives in critical subject matters such as trade, consumer protection, disaster management, cybersecurity, food safety guidelines, standardized cancer treatment and other projects that aim to contribute to development and enhance governance in the public sector.

Hasan Youness is specialized in international business management, educational administration, and educational leadership. Having acquired his degrees from Notre Dame University, KEDGE Business School and Saint Louis University respectively, he went on to pursue an executive CSR program at Harvard Business School Executive Education. Hasan started teaching at the university level at the age of 23 and has been teaching at five universities since then. In addition, he is also a news anchor, TV presenter, researcher, author, mentor, and trainer on a wide array of management, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, CSR, and communication topics in Lebanon and abroad. In addition, he has been a Tedx speaker and guest on top TV channels in the Arab world. Despite having worked with leading companies, Hasan did not limit himself to the business sector. Rather, he has chosen to work with UNIDO and UNRWA, in addition to other NGOs. Over time, he participated in multiple national and international conferences, workshops, and competitions, and was awarded several prestigious awards for representing Lebanon on several occasions. Hasan is also the cofounder and managing partner of Insights’ for Consultancy S.A.R.L and EON Training and Development center S.A.R.L. Hasan is the author of #TrendsOfBusiness

Mona Itani is a social entrepreneur, social activist, and academic of a computer and communications engineering background. She worked as a professional in multinational telecommunications companies from 2006 until 2011. After earning her Masters in Engineering Management degree, she joined the Engineering Management program and the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut where she served as a lecturer and researcher since 2011. She is a published author on entrepreneurship, women, ethics, and engineering education. She is the vice chair of IEEE Women in Engineering Affinity Group Lebanon Section and the co-chair of Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC) Lebanon Chapter. She also acts as a mentor for young entrepreneurs and as a consultant on entrepreneurship education, and social entrepreneurship. She co-founded several social initiatives that aim to promote women in technology such as She Develops Hackathon and Girls got IT which hosted more than 500 girls in so far.  She won the IEEE Lebanon section most active member award for 2015, the IEEE Women in Engineering Inspiring Member of the year honorable mention award in 2016, and was a finalist in the McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders award for 2015. She is the managing founder of Riyada (Arabic for entrepreneurship), a social enterprise that aims to provide the youth with practice-based social entrepreneurship education to develop solutions for real problems with the use of technology. She is expecting to complete her PhD degree from the University of Leicester’s School of Management, UK in 2018. Her thesis topic is about women entrepreneurs in the technology domain in Lebanon.

GCNL Staff

Sarah is the National Network Coordinator and Contact person.

Bruna is a graduate architecture student at Université Saint Esprit Kaslik absorbed in specializing in eco-friendly and green building development. She believes that it wasn’t through chance that she ended up both collaborating with the GCN office in Lebanon back in October 2016, and focusing on the “ENVIRONMATE” competition which she currently manages. Ever since she was introduced to Corporate Social Responsibility, Bruna extensively invests her time into developing her graphical soft skills which enable her to lead the office’s creative design output on all social media panels as she firmly values the impact of her work in advertising and advocating for implementing a strong Social Responsibility network within Lebanese Corporations. Finally, Bruna believes that she only got a preliminary taste of how fulfilling social work can be and looks forward to further experience in the Global Compact Network Lebanon.