SDG 16: METS preserves, respects, promotes and advocates human rights to all (it also mentions it in their employee handbook)

  • Mets Energy has a ZERO tolerance for any form of corruption, extortion and bribery. Trains staff on policies covering corruption, bribery and coercion/conflicts of interest and how to report any improper business and behavior.

SDG 11: It works towards prioritizing innovation to create cost-effective products that alleviate suffering and builds resiliency in developing communities.

SDG 8: METS ENERGY employs more than 500 employees

SDGs 5 and 10: created its POWERMET network in 13 different countries and it also promotes diversity as it has an almost even number of female employees as it does male.

SDG 3: METS ENERGY is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for its employees, customers and anyone else who works or visits the factory. It also conducted fire safety evacuation training and such other trainings in order to secure the safety of our staff and their wellbeing while on the job.

SDG 12: Reminds staff to turn off lights and air conditioning units when facilities are not used to save energy.

  • Moreover recycling bins are placed throughout the offices and factory floor.

SDG 7: Solar panels and a wind turbine are used to decrease carbon emissions and power parts of the offices.