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What are UNGC’s International Benefits ?

Whether you are just beginning to adopt sustainable business practices or already on your way, join the UN Global Compact to make an even greater difference.

Benefits of joining:

  • Unprecedented networking access with UN Global Compact participants – representing nearly every industry sector and size, in over 160 countries
  • Access to partnerships with a range of stakeholders – to share best practices and emerging solutions
  • Best practice guidance – built on 15 years of successes
  • Tools, resources and trainings
  • Local Network support in 85 countries
  • The moral authority, knowledge and experience of the United Nations – We’re your guide every step of the way. We’ll help you commit to, assess, define, implement, measure and communicate your sustainability strategy. With the help of the UNGC, you can make a difference across four core areas: human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Years of Experience

Countries with Local Network Support

Countries with UN Global Compact Particpants

What are the GCNL’s National Benefits?

  • Access to a cross-section platform that allows a wide range of opportunities for networking, collaboration and partnership between the public sector, private sector and civil society
  • Visibility on the local and UN Global Compact websites. You will also be able to use the “We Support the UN Global Compact logo”
  • Opportunities to learn about best practices from international as well as local successful organizations that will help you solve waste, labor, and social issues
  • Access and engagement in panel discussions every 3 months, in which network participants can showcase their work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Ten UNGC Principles
  • Access to a pool of like-minded network members, organizational representatives and network staff that will assist you in reporting on sustainability (COP/COE)
  • Improved morale and productivity of employees through the opportunity to showcase commitment to high values and practices, which have been shown to help attract / retain talent
  • Potential access to GCNL’s Steering Committee and involvement in setting the activity plan and priorities of the GCNL for upcoming years
    • Elections to GCNL Steering Committee happen once every two years at the Spring General Assembly
  • Opportunities to be involved/lead a project by the GCNL and push it forward nationally

Annual contributions

Tier Signatory Fee Participant Fee
≥5 billion $10,000 $20,000
1 – 5 billion $7,500 $15,000
250 million – 1 billion $5,000 $10,000
50 – 250 million $2,500 $5,000
25-50 million $2000 $2,500
<25 million $1000 $1,250